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Plea for LACA reform

First published: April 24, 2005

Support this initiative to reform LACAC!

The following article was printed on April 22nd in the Cobourg
Daily Star. It is not only an expression of my frustrations and concerns,
but I believe it expresses the concerns of many others regarding the
ineffectiveness of LACAC and the need for change.
We need a strong, independent and effective LACAC similar to the
one that is responsible for Port Hope being a widely recognized town that
worked to preserve its built-heritage. Port Hope now benefits from the many
visitors it attracts and the business activity that follows.
The benefits of built-heritage preservation and adaptive re-use
are now recognized as an important component in the economic development of
small towns.
On the social side it is also a way of preserving our sense
of our history and identity.
For any action to be taken by Town Council on this matter, they
must hear from the electorate. Whatever you have to say on this matter,
please say it to ….

Mayor Peter Delanty,
(tel) 905-372-4301, email

Deputy Mayor Bob Spooner (tel) 905-372-5165


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