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Tallgrass mowed by township, says property owner

First published: August 24, 2004

On August 9, Alniwck-Haldimand Township staff mowed down a portion of one of the last remaining tallgrass prairie areas near Russ Creek to make way for a new access road. Property owner Barry King sent out an urgent message when it happened
Re: New Access Road through Oak Ridges Moraine core area, and Salt Creek
ANSI, at Russ’ Creek


In defiance of the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, the municipality of
Alnwick/Haldimand has recently mowed the tallgrass prairie remnant on the
New Access Road, just as the remnant of several species were in bloom and
preparing to set seed. The cemetery also, was completely mowed, thus
preventing any of the important rare species from blooming or setting seed.
It is a known fact that mowing will result in rapid depletion of these rare
remnants. The cemetery is designated PJ on the map of the Salt Creek Area of
Natural and Scientific Interest. A plan of preservation and restoration of
the rare tallgrass prairie in the cemetery area is still available.

Yours truly,

Barry King


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