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Viceroy closing Port Hope operation

October 1, 2009

As municipal, provincial and federal officials scramble to find ways to keep Viceroy Homes, in Port Hope, from closing its doors and sending more than 100 unionized workers to the unemployment lines, there are some concerns that need to be raised beyond the obvious. First, how was it nobody knew what was going on? With […]

Micro-audiences and ambient journalism as new approaches

September 15, 2009

UBC Professor Alfred Hermida’s recent posting on Twitter as a system of ambient journalism is quiet insightful in understanding the level of change taking place within the industry. He suggests technology like Twitter enables citizens to maintain a heightened sense of news awareness called ambient journalism. The tool is being quickly embraced by journalists to […]

Local Liberals need to define Northumberland County agenda

August 23, 2009

It is most intriguing to watch the local Liberal candidates seeking the nomination for the riding as they rhyme off their resumes and announce their endorsements. Certainly, it is impressive on some level. Yet, what is truly lacking from Andrew McFadden, Kim Rudd and Christine Herrington is a public statement about their plans for Northumberland […]