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A letter to the team on Dan Gilmour

January 9, 2010

Team: Dan Gilmour, author of We Media, a seminal book in citizen journalism, makes the most honest confessions about his experiment in San Francisco. As a team of researchers, we should express great empathy for what he says and his experience. I also take solace in our work, since we often meet with the […]

beyond Deuze

January 9, 2010

Since starting my MA, Mark Deuze represented a keystone for my work. Particularly his definition of key tools: hyperlinking, multimediality and interactivity. I am now adding immediacy to this list. The ability to create timely news for instant consumption for audiences is critical. First posted: 12/11/06

Adding from the researcher’s fieldbook

January 9, 2010

Back in 2006, I created a private blog where I started to work out some ideas around e-journalism. Then, for a few years, I used the blog as a place for assignments when I was studying under Prof. Fred Fletcher at York University, working on my Master’s degree. The server that holds these entries is […]