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Blurring the lines: the evolution of social movements and political parties

July 22, 2009

First published: March 14, 2005 In McLuhan’s Children: The Greenpeace Message and the Media, author Stephen Dale sets out a fundamental tension between the demands of media, as exemplified in the quintessential sound bite, and its effective use by Greenpeace to capture public attention and empathy, and the desire to move the organization toward resolving […]

Journalists and Citizens

July 21, 2009

First published: June 25, 2006 Within the Journalist’s Creed, written in the early part of the 20th century by Walter William, founder of the first journalism school in North America in 1908, a clear picture of the efforts to professionalize journalism are laid bare: journalism as a public trust; journalism as a public service; accuracy; […]

Bell Globemedia/CHUM merger cannot leave journalists behind

July 21, 2009

First published: July 13, 2006 The merger of Bell Globemedia and CHUM Ltd. will certainly be debated around the subject of media oligarchy and concentration of ownership in Canada, but concerns around the quality of journalism may not get the same thorough airing. And, it needs to. Canada needs a major foundation to fund excellent […]